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Prevention does not start when the abuse is already a fact.

Prevention starts before it becomes a reality!

Boys - Youth Center in Brockton, MA

At Wiping Out Drug Abuse, our goal is to educate young men and women on the dangers of drug abuse while encouraging individuals to stay drug-free. We are committed to cleaning up the community so the youth of the world can make positive contributions to society. Call today to learn how we can begin creating your legacy with our drug abuse education resources.

Do your part to eliminate drug abuse in your community when you make use of the helpful drug prevention resource offered by Wiping Out Drug Abuse (WODA), Inc., Since 1987, we have helped locals fight back against drug abuse in their communities. Our goal is to provide youth with drug abuse prevention projects and help them find jobs, which allow them to make money legitimately and have the tools they need to succeed in life. We also provide positive reinforcement by offering an array of products, including music and apparel that carry an anti-drug message. By working together, we strive to eliminate the harmful usage and abuse of drugs. Join and become involved in our drug abuse prevention programs.


Our Mission:

  • To do any and all things not unlawful and necessary to promote the prevention of drug abuse.
  • To sponsor personalities to speak at schools, churches, conferences, and other social events about the harms of drug abuse.
  • To further the public's awareness of the drug abuse problem in society.

  God is 4 Life by Bobby Ray Jones
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Against All Odds

INVENTORS (Past and Present)





To Produce An


“How Come We Can’t Get Along With Our Fellow Man"

Anti-Racism Song Message

PSA Video

This is a National PSA Video for people of the world; all races and creeds like a Rainbow Tied in a Knot.  We have a problem and we should take a second look and try to solve it.

 The production of this Video will be casted with youths of all cultural backgrounds, with a message geared towards the Adult Populace; reminding them about racial discrimination, hate and the problems they cause and how to  fix-it. 

 This Video will highlight environment problems and racism facing the world today.  The message is;   “How Come We Can’t Get Along With Our Fellow Man,” with imagery replicating the song lyrics showing the environment, and the ills in the world today.  This concept will be comparable to “We Are the World“ performed by the youth instead.

National Campaign Against Racism and Hate

Attention: Looking for pre-teen, tweens, and teenagers of all Cultures

Casting: For Anti-Racism Song Message PSA Video.

For information contact Mattie at 508-857-5669 or E-mail woda70@yahoo.com

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B2B-B2B  is a National campaign Sponsored by WODA Wiping Out Drug Abuse, Inc.,

For more info, visit the www.farrell2u.com website

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